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Wendy Steward is a podcaster, speaker, wellness coach, motivator, blogger and writer.
Wendy lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and life adventurer of 24 years, Duncan.
Wendy is a sports fanatic, AFL, Cricket, Tennis Basketball, you name it she is into it.
Wendy loves to travel and has been lucky enough to visit many amazing places and immerse herself in many different cultures.
Her hobbies include papercraft of all kinds, scrapbooking, card making and mixed media art.
Being near the ocean or water of any kind is also something that she enjoys.

Wendy immigrated from India in 1985 as an energetic 15 year old, fit eager to explore a new country and take in all that a western society like Melbourne had to offer.
After completing high school and tertiary education, Wendy worked In the Corporate world for 25 years. People and Customer Service were her specialty, which she combined as a Team leader and Manager in various roles.

5 years ago Wendy embarked on her wellness journey after struggling with her weight for many, many years.
Wendy educated herself and made the necessary changes to improve her health and well-being.
Wendy has also undertaken numerous personal development Courses and Seminars to enhance her life and make it the best it can be.

Wendy has changed her life dramatically, losing 50kilos and 5 dress sizes in 4 years. This has enabled her to transition out of Corporate Life and create her own business.

In January 2016 Wendy created and founded her business Wendy’s Way,
In April 2016 she created and launched her own podcast on the Wellness Couch also called Wendy’s Way. Wendy says this is her passion project and a true joy for her to do. Wendy interviews an eclectic mix of guests and her show, her main focus being wellness.

Wendy has been invited to speak at many different events and share her story.

In 2016 Wendy was interviewed on stage at the Wellness Summit.
In 2018 Wendy was invited to speak at The Wellness Summit.
Wendy has also spoken at Backpacks for Vic Kids, Unity Melbourne and The Pain Summit.

Wendy is doing all within her power to release all the excess weight she is carrying and change the lifestyle and mindset to a healthier happier version of herself.
She is passionate about helping people on their life’s journey. Whatever part of that journey you are on there is always something to change or improve that can help you live a happier, healthier life.

A podcaster, speaker, wellness coach, motivator, blogger and writer, Wendy
wants to be a voice of hope and encouragement to anyone who needs it and, as Wendy would say ‘it takes a village and be kind to yourself always’.
Wendy believes in living her life to the full every day.

Wendy Steward Speaking at The Wellness Summit 2018
Speaking at The Wellness Summit 2018
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