Platinum Cre8ive is a unique, boutique music business that specialises in managing and representing talented artists with disabilities across entertainment, sport, media, film and TV around Australia. 

We work with talent to help them find and develop their unique voice, follow their dreams and achieve their goals in music and in life.

The picture shows a pair of black over-ear headphones resting on the keys of a piano. The piano keys are a mix of white and black, indicating it is a standard keyboard layout. The headphones have a silver metal accent on the earpieces and are connected by a black headband. There is a cable attached to the headphones that drapes over the keys. The piano keys reflect a bit of light, suggesting a glossy finish.
The picture shows a close-up of a large audio mixing console. It has numerous vertical sliding controls (faders) and rotary knobs, which are used to adjust the sound levels and audio effects of different input channels. The console appears to be in a studio setting, with a focus on the central part of the board where the faders are densely packed together. The lighting is warm, highlighting the metallic and black colors of the console.

Music Services

Platinum Cre8ive provides a range of music services. Depending on artists requirements, we also offer other consulting services including career development, social media, branding, marketing and promotion, single/EP/album release and launch management, contracts and licensing, tour planning and execution, as well as many other services. 

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Featured Acts

Lara Nakhle

singer , song writer Lara Nakhle The picture shows a woman singing into a microphone. She has long, dark hair that is swept to the side and appears to be wearing makeup. She is wearing a dark, off-the-shoulder top with a glittery texture. In the background, there is a blurred figure of a person and a hint of a natural setting that might be a body of water or greenery. The focus is on the woman, suggesting she is the main subject, likely performing at an event.

Lara Nakhle appeared on The Voice 2017 and has since gone on to perform at many corporate and charity events stunning audiences with her powerful vocals.Learn More

Connor Wink

Singer, song writer. Connor Wink A man is standing outdoors holding a guitar. He is wearing sunglasses, a flat cap, and a light-colored jacket over a patterned shirt. Behind him, there's a scenic view of a coastal city under a clear blue sky. There are buildings in the distance and greenery in the foreground.

Connor Wink is a singer / songwriter from Newcastle who has been performing for many years across NSW and was to 48 on The Voice Australia in 2022 receiving more than 10 million views for his audition song of  ‘Believe’ by Cher. Learn More

What Next?

If you need help in any the above areas; and you have the passion, drive and want to be the best you can be, achieving international success, take the next step and Make Contact with us to take your career to the next level. Make Contact