About Us

Platinum Cre8ive is a services business helping artists, bands and entertainment organisations maximise opportunities through innovative management, technology and career development. We use a holistic approach to creative management that covers every aspect of life as an entertainer. With 25 years business experience behind us, you concentrate on the creation whilst we do the rest.. It takes a dedicated team to build a successful career, start the journey with us!

Platinum Creative was formed in 2015 after 25 years in corporate business with the view to helping young passionate music artists achieve their goals and dreams.

Why You Need Us

‘4 out of 5 bands fail either because they don’t understand the contracts they sign or where all the money goes.’ (Smith S, music industry veteran, Melbourne)

We are here to help you understand what you are signing, how to manage your money and to understand your business as a musician.

Meet the Team

Duncan Steward

Founder & Creator

duncan image

I am Duncan Steward, Founder and Owner of Platinum Cre8ive. A few years ago I resigned from my corporate management position for the past 15 years to learn additional skills and start this business, to work with unsigned, talented artists and bands who often find it very difficult to make headway in this industry, utilising my years of experience and strong contacts to give the advice and guidance needed to help acts get to the next level.

I have 25 years experience in the corporate organisations including 6 years in Chartered Accounting and past 5 years in the music industry, an Entertainment Business Management Degree along with one in Accounting and another in Information Technology, and I’m a musician myself, having played piano since is was six.

Having worked with bands and individual artists over the last few years with EP and single launches, PR, marketing, social media branding and strategy, grant funding, radio play and plugging, national tour management and preparation, corporate, community and charity bookings, career planning and whole of life artist career support; I believe in trust and authenticity, no wild promises or guarantees, rather lets work together and see where it goes.

Working with Rachael Leahcar after a short time has seen remarkable industry traction, development of multiple income streams for her and the reemergence of a true star back to being a household name once again.

Next Steps…

If you need help in any the above areas; and you have the passion, drive and want to be the best you can be, achieving international success, take the next step and contact us to take your career to the next level. Contact Us