Tanya Lewis- The Eco Organiser® and Waste Coach has a simple philosophy borrowed from Gandhi :

“Live simply, so others can simply live”

Motivational speaker, author and professional Eco Organiser®, challenges society to rethink the true cost of waste and shares easy to follow ways simplify life without costing the earth.

Tanya Lewis created Eco Organiser® after realising her passion was helping people reduce waste, organise their TIME and SPACE- and to do it in an environmentally responsible way.

Author of STUFF OFF! and founder of The10R’s ©, Tanya specialises in thinking outside the square, inspiring new ideas and introducing easy- to- maintain systems that will give you more time for the really important things in your life.

Tanya is on a mission to teach communities that being organised won’t cost the earth. Over the past few years over 8000+ people from the bush to London, Scotland the Sydney Opera House have attended her interactive workshops and seminars, demonstrating how easy it is to save time, money and help protect the planet.

Since starting her business, Tanya and the Eco Organiser® community has helped divert an estimated 40 000 kg of stuff from landfill, simply by finding good homes for unwanted stuff.

Tanya regularly contributes to national TV, radio and print media and has been spokesperson for numerous organisations and current Ambassador for Planet Ark.

Clients and Achievements

2019 The Melbourne University
2019 Strathclyde University Glasgow
2018 Ambassador Planet Ark
2018 Sydney Opera House Antidote Festival of Ideas
2018 Spokesperson for Mobile Muster & Oz Harvest Mobile For A Meal campaign
2017 Voted Top 100 Organizing Blog
2017 National Ambassador Garage Sale Trail
2015 & 2016, 2018 Ambassador Garage Sale Trail
2012 Greenpeace thank you letter


“Tanya is a great communicator, with a warm and approachable manner.
She makes the impossible seem possible with her pragmatic tips and helpful advice. Her care for the environment incorporated into her work blends seamlessly, it just makes good sense!
She saving the planet, peoples wallets and their sanity”

Claire Bell
Senior Recycling Campaigns Coordinator
Planet Ark Environment Foundation
Melbourne University


“Tanya Lewis, The Eco Organiser® attracted the second AWCUM highest audience ever, with nearly 100 staff at The University of Melbourne!
Tanya delivered her message in a non-judgemental manner, offering real solutions to rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse and responsibly dispose of unwanted items.
I would thoroughly recommend Tanya’s seminar to any business, school or community group seeking to reduce waste, save time and money”

Julie Warden
Treasurer AWCUM
Association of Women on Campus at the University of Melbourne


Keynotes include
What is the true cost of waste?
How to ethically declutter and reduce waste-The 10R’s©
Consumed by STUFF?
Stuff: valueless matter, trash, non-sense
Conquer the 5 clutter clusters and grow your business


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