Platinum Cre8ive has been providing promo and publicity across radio and other media outlets since 2015 when we first started working with Melbourne’s Brittany Leo with the release of her debut EP Starting Over.

Platinum Cre8ive is an integrated media promotions and publicity company. We offer plugging and promotional services to Record Companies, Independent Labels, or Signed & Unsigned Artists who require an experienced partner to promote their music to Australian radio, TV, digital outlets and traditional platforms in order to increase airplay and exposure.

We can service your music to all metropolitan & regional radio stations and television stations across Australia. We provide you with quality promotions and interviews to ensure you receive optimum exposure for your track – no matter what genre.

Some of our promo roster include, Brittany Leo, Rachael Leahcar, Lara Nakhle, Aimee Francis, Rachel Clark, Sarah C, Tuva Finsaras, Connor Wink, FLAXXON Music, Thur$day (Louis Hull), and many more. Whilst it is expensive to record, mix and master a track, it’s also very important to leave some budget for promo and publicity across media and social platforms for both local and international exposure. We also do promo work for international artists including Diane Schuur, Ginny Owens, Caitlin Smith and others.

If you looking to release new music whether it’s a single, EP, or album, we can help with your marketing and release plan to market, across all media outlets and timings to maximise the effectiveness and reach of where your new music is heard across the world. Platinum Cre8ive has a wide social media following and extensive range of contacts throughout the music industry, corporate community and Non-For-Profit sectors both in Australia and around the world.

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